I teach conceptually. There is simply too much information to memorize everything. Every self-taught person I have ever come in contact with learns music by emulating what he or she hears and sees. The only problem occurs when they don’t understand why something works and thus can’t expound on it. When you understand conceptually what is going on you can use your perceptual learning as a stepping-stone on your foundation of the concept to get to the next level faster.

Music is what its really all about for me. Good musicians make their instrument of choice disappear and their playing becomes solely about the music. This takes years of study, practice and a love for music.

My goal as a teacher is:

1} Teach you how to think about music (as opposed to the guitar)

2} Teach you your instrument (the guitar neck) and how to apply the concepts you will learn about music to the guitar.

If you learn those two things, your instrument will not dictate what you play and that’s the ultimate goal.

I currently teach about 40 students per week. If you are interested in lessons or have questions contact through the contact page.

Eric EuDaly 2012